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Traci Flumer

Executive Director

Originally from New Jersey, Traci started lessons in flute at the age of eight and continued to play through her high school years. After graduating from Henry Hudson Regional High School, shortly thereafter, Traci relocated to the state of Florida, where she worked in construction.

In 2010, her high school band instructor retired. His past students returned to play under his direction one last time. It had been 24 years since Traci played. Doing so made her realize that music was still in her heart. Upon returning home, she joined Gateway Community Symphony, and when that disbanded, she joined Volusia Community Symphony in 2011 playing flute and piccolo.

In the years to follow, Traci had become President of Volusia Community Arts. Working alongside Dr. Brandon Loos, taking it in a direction to promote its growth, and has most recently assumed the role of Executive Director of Volusia Community Arts, Inc.

Traci Flumer
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